Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek – Information, Permits and Costs

Complete Guidelines for Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

The northern border of western, central and eastern Nepal are remote and were only opened to trekking from early 90s. In the central, the region is wild and are basically high, dry extension of the Tibetan Plains. The people are poor and live in secluded communities, migrating with their herds to high summer pasture. The scenery is vast and in thrilling earthy colors of all shads. Flowers abound in autumn.

1 Trekkers with Guide Prem - Manalu Tsum Valley Trek

Government policies in Nepal has imposed special trekking permits especially if the trekking area is an open border or have a connection with Tibet. Mount, Manaslu (8th highest peak in the world) also straddles the border with Tibet, autonomous of China. Some wilderness trekking route, such as Tsum valley, Manaslu Base Camp, Dolpo region also shares its border to Tibet. So if you are planning to trek Manaslu Tsum valley, it is mandatory to obtain special trekking permits to enter the region.


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Poon Hill Short Trek – Easy Holiday Trekking in Nepal

Trekking and Hiking is probably one of most popular activity in Nepal- thanks to its spectacular mountain terrains, Himalayan vistas, magical forests and intact culture. Thousands of trekkers flock here to visit the magnificent sites which can only be reached by trekking as no motor roads are accessible. Ghorepani Poon hill short trek is one of best short trek in Nepal that takes you through remote mountain terrain and forested route to witness the magnificence of nature and magical Himalayan vistas.

Guide Prem with Trekking Guests at Poon Hill

There are numerous trekking routes in Nepal to keep yourself busy, from 2 days to 30 days and they all offer unbelievable experience. 3 days 2 nights short Poon Hill trek is great introductory trek for individual with minimal time and effort. It is probably the most sought treks in Nepal; highlighted with stunning view of Annapurna massifs, Dhaulagiri range and Manaslu and sunrise from the vantage point Poon Hill (3810m). (more…)

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Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking – Some Highlights and Photos

• Overnight at local house in the village of Bhi located about 20 minutes off the main trail. It is prosperous and cultural village of the region.
• Stay overnight at Ranchen Gompa and explore the complex. Also help locals learn English
• Staying at Mu Gompa as a guest and climbing up to the viewpoint.
• Cross Larkye La Pass enjoying the great views of glaciers, boulders, lakes and mighty peaks.
• Explore the deep valleys, quaint forest and amazing countryside that has not been explored before
• Explore amazing lake fed with the glacier spilling from Mt. Manaslu
• The initial part of the trek goes through the Buri Gandaki, a long stream with many suspension bridges connecting the intersections
• Tsum valley trek starts from subtropical climatic zine and gradually rises high up to the Larkya La Pass (5,100m)


2 larke la pass 5100m manaslu tsum valley trekking
At Larkye (Larke) Pass 5100m


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Best Season for Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Its Cost Price

Basically, the best seasons for Annapurna Base Camp trek are spring (Mar-May) and autumn (Sep-Nov). These are the peak seasons so you better make sure to book the flight in advance.

Autumn is the peak season for Annapurna base camp trek when the summer departs and winter is set to in. The weather is incredible and so are landscapes and mountains. Autumn also gives you the privilege of religious exploration of Hindu because the greatest festival Dashain following by Tihar starts during these months.


Another perfect season for Annapurna trekking is during spring. Thriving rhododendron sweeping the hill with its magnificent colors and beauty is breathtaking. The weather in spring is mild and trekking friendly.


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Is it possible Annapurna Base Camp Trekking in just 7 days?

The most popular and crowded trekking region of Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp trek takes around 10 to 12 days to complete the trail that comprises 4 of way back and 2 days of acclimatization. However, the trek can be completed in just 7 days but the wilderness experience is the same.


We have managed to design the sample itinerary package that almost conquers all the exotic locations of Annapurna region to the base camp of Annapurna within 7 days trip.

7 Days Itinerary for Annapurna Base Camp trek

Day1: Early morning, take a 25 min scenic flight from Kathmandu (1,400m) to Pokhara (900m). Drive the trail to Phedi and trek through sub-tropical forest to Dhampus (1650m/5,400ft). After lunch, ascend towards forested ridge to Potana.


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Annapurna Poon Hill Sunrise Trek- Highlights, Best Season, Difficulty & Challenges

Trekking in Nepal is popular among adventure enthusiast as it offers some of world’s best hiking routes and dramatic locations. There are numerous treks in Nepal to keep yourself busy from 2 days to 25 days and they all are incredibly rewarding. Annapurna Poon Hill Sunrise Trek is growing popularity these days as it is one of short but extremely awe-inspiring trekking in Annapurna region.

trekking-in-nepal with landmark discovery treks

Poon Hill Sunrise trek is great introductory trek for all novice trekkers having less vacation in Nepal and for those who are not content with remote trail and basic facilities. It also suits for those who are limited by their fitness. Some trekkers take this as tutorial hike for Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek and other remote region trekking in Nepal.


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What Kind of Fitness Level is Required for Everest Base Camp Trek?

It is very difficult question to answer, what fitness level is required for Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal.

Personally, being a frequent travelers to Himalaya and Everest region, I believe that any fitness level is okay to accomplish Everest Base Camp Trek. What it only demands is a great passion to go there. During my course of travelling, I have encountered many elderly people of 60s and 70s trekking Everest Base Camp in a comfort way. Likewise, I have also seen many fit and young people crawling there but overweight people completing the trek successfully.

trek to everest base camp

Everest Base Camp Trek do not require you to be an athletic but a basic fitness level is indeed important.


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Best Time of the Year to Climb Island Peak

If there is a peak that is totally underestimated by many climbers, it must be Island Peak Climbing. Also known as Imja Tse, it is the mountain that lies in Sagarmatha National Park of eastern Himalayan range. The body structure of the peak appears as an island in a sea of ice which when viewed far from Dingboche. Island Peak is an extension of the ridge falling down off the south end of Lhotse Shar.



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Gokyo Ri Trek – An Optional trek to Everest Base Camp

Explore the beauty of Gokyo Lake, ascending the roof of Gokyo peak which servers you with the astounding Mt Everest view and encounter highlands Shrepas and their cultural hospitality during your trekking to the world’s most popular touristic destination.


Trekking to Gokyo Ri is the wild combination of mountainous adventure and awe-inspiring view of Mt Everest, Lotshe, Amadablam, Cho Oyu and many other peaks. Gokyo Lake Trek leads you to the most  exclusive place of earth offering wide opportunity to explore the natural landscapes and unique Himalayan structure.

It is an optional trek for trekkers who wants to have a close view of Massif Mt Everest without making a strenuous trek to Everest Base Camp or passing a high vicinity. This exotic journey to the Gokyo peak allows you to unlock the pristine looks of turquoise lakes in the valley and also exhibit  the fascinating view of snow-capped mountains like Mt. Everest, Cho Oyu and other neighboring peaks. You  also get surprised with the astonishing view of great Ngozumpa Glacier and the Gokyo valley from Gokyo Ri.


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Ten Trekking Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek


Have you ever dreamt of Everest Base Camp Trek? If you are dreaming to head, I’d like to advise some useful tips to make your journey pleasant and memorable to the footage of the world’s highest peak. They are enlisted below:-

1) Train yourself harder-

You must know EBC trekking involves the long walk of (5-7 hours) per day. A strenuous walk with short coming twist and turn and numerous uphill ascent and downhill descent has no substitution. This needs physical strength and stamina. Physical weakness, dizziness and fatigue will soon catch you if you are not strong enough to adopt.


Train as much as you can. A leg- cardio is highly recommended form of exercise. Try with a little more weight, put on the boots and climb uphill. Try this for couple of days, make it long and harder unless you are confident enough to begin.


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